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Shaunie O’neal Takes Basket Ball Wives to the Big Screen!

At one point Shaunie O’neal was embarrassed from Basketball Wives and the negative images of women of color that had become indicative of each show, now she is parlaying the success of said negative image into a major motion picture.  To help with her efforts she’s recruited Tracey Edmonds and Elizabeth Hunter; contacting Tracey via a tweet!

Hunter wrote the script for the movie “Jumping the Broom” which Tracey produced.  With Shaunie leading the way that’s a Diva Dollar Trifecta! I’m not the only one who thinks so, the movie has already been picked up by Fox Searchlight.


The movie will basically be the big screen version of Basketball wives.  The story will be centered around a young woman who follows her boyfriend’s basketball career to Miami after he’s drafted.  We get to watch her life as it transforms from around the way girl to basketball wife and all the drama that comes along with it.

Edmonds appreciates the opportunity the big screen will provide to this story,

 “The beauty of a feature film is that we’ll have the ability to dig much deeper into the stories and characters that come from this very colorful world and create a very juicy, action-packed narrative,”

Next are the big questions.  Who will play the male and female leads, when is the release date, and what songs will be on the soundtrack……and most important how many fight scenes will be in it.  Stay tuned![more…]

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