Sean Lowe the Next Bachelor for ABC

Sean Lowe Will Be ABC’s The Bachelor For Next Season

It looks like ABC’s The Bachelor is continuing to choose their next contestant from losers of the previous season.  Rumor has it that it will be Sean Lowe.

Sean wasn’t the runner up but he was one of the 20 who competed for Emily Maynard’s hand.  He’s an insurance salesman from Texas.  As been the case with the previous contestants, Sean lasted long enough to supposedly have a fan base, and he had a very emotional boot off the show.  ABC counts on these two ingredients of familiarity and sympathy to bring an automatic fan base of Sean lovers.

E! News is the first to report this, as they have an inside source that is very close the show, quite possibly a staffer.  The source says the deal is all but done,

“I think we finally got everyone to sign off,  We’re not in production for another couple weeks.”

Rumors originally had Ari Luyendyk pegged but he cleared things up with a simple tweet,

“Just to clarify I will not be the next “Bachelor,”

Ok.  Then we had Ryan Lochte.  I was a fan of the idea of having Ryan but I’m sure Ryan himself decided why would he limit himself to just 20 woman when he can have 1000’s.  He has since been seen cu-noodling with with Miss USA Olivia Culpo.

I like the idea of getting some unknown banker, real estate mogul, or plastic surgeon that we have never seen before and no nothing about.  We then watch him charm the panties off of 20 women not knowing what it feels like to be on the other side.  Not being aware of how the girls feel when they are competing.  This recycle approach is getting old for the guys, and its super old for the girls.  But for ABC if it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it. Not to mention, Sean has been increasing his fan base daily with a crop of Sean Lowe Shirtless Photos taking over the internet.  For the ladies who forgot what he looked like without a shirt on…..enjoy.


Sean Lowe ABC's the BachelorSean Lowe without a Shirt in a Magazine Article for AbsThe Bachelor Sean Lowe Posing Shirtless without a shirt on photoOK ABC – I see what you are trying to do there……


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