American Idol Season 12 Cast.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Attempt to Squach Feud Rumors

American Idol started off this week doing damage control.  During a press conference in New York, the panel had to address the alleged feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  The first question asked to the new judges was “how was everyone getting along?”  Before answering,  Minaj glances at Mariah, as if she’s not sure what to say and then says,

“We’re getting along wonderfully, darling.”

Then they are asked more directly, about feuding when Mariah sarcastically in a faux ghetto-girl tone says,

“How we gonna feud in two days?”

As she’s answering, Randy is quick to pour extra cheese on the situation.  He chimes in,

We’re having fun dude, it’s been a lot of laughs

So technically Mariah is correct.  By definition a feud is:

a bitter, continuous hostility, especially between two families, clans, etc., often lasting for many years or generations.

What she had was “a problem”.  A problem with a flash in the pan, gimmick sitting side by side next to an artist with an accomplished musical career filled with talent and over 200 million record sales.  Not $200 million dollars in record sales…200 million records.  Some of it back when we paid $12.99 for a CD!

I noticed some strained forced energy and a super fake smile pasted on Nicki Minaj’s face to go with that fake accent. By the end of season 12 these two could be pulling out weave…..we can only hope! Ultimately, the “idol” producers might actually be genius.

Watch the video for yourself….Do you think all is cool?

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