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James Gandolfini is Back on HBO. Actor Will Star in New Crime Drama Pilot.

Tony Soprano is back…well not Tony but James Gandolfini is. We might finally see him back regularly on HBO. Gandolfini will be starring in a pilot for HBO’s version of a BBC show called “Criminal Justice”. As can be assumed from the title, it’s a crime drama set in New York and based off a 2008 television series by the same name.

The original series ran for two seasons, each season followed a different person that was charged with murder and chronicled their challenges through the legal system. The HBO pilot will follow the first season’s story, about a man who takes his father’s cab out for a drive and picks up a “party girl”. He ends up going back to her place for a wild night of sex, drugs and alcohol. In the morning when he awakes, he finds the girl stabbed to death. He doesn’t remember doing it, but is charged with the crime.

The man in the HBO version will be portrayed as an American born Pakistani named Naz. Gandolfini will play the jailhouse lawyer that meets Naz in jail and takes the case as his public defendant. If this goes on for multiple seasons, Gandolfinis’ character will be reoccurring as the storyline changes and a new crime and victim are introduced.

Here is the trailer from the BBC show. I just Ordered HBO (specifically for Game of Thrones) so let’s hope this pilot gets picked up. I could use a little Gandolfini in my life.


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