Scott Disick Tries to Ball-Out with Kanye, Lil Wayne and Diddy….Until He Gets the Bill! Yikes!

It appears Scott Disick is trying to hang with the big boys.  That’s the fattest way to go broke.  As Kevin Hart says, “Stay in your lane”.  This was something that Scott was not doing  in efforts to get in good with his future brother in law Kanye West.

The occasion was DJ Kahled’s birthday party at LIV in Miami.  Scott was partying hard with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, the ultimate baller, Diddy.

The NY Post reports,

“There were tons of rappers and athletes there and Kanye was making fun of Scott being this ‘little dude’ around all of them. Then Lil Wayne joined in on picking fun at Scott, then Diddy [Sean Combs] too,”

Scott felt really victimized — those were his own words — so in order to fit in and be cool, he started spending money like crazy.  Things at the table started to add up quickly and before he knew it, Scott’s bill for the table was $15,000.

After spending the $15K the taunting subsided and Scott decided to further cement his ivy league baller status by having women brought over to the table.  Something that Kanye wasn’t exactly comfortable with.

Scott is never one to shy away from flirting with women and business as usual.  Kanye was reportedly uncomfortable with the amount of female attention.  At one time Diddy was heard shouting above the crowd,

“Scott is a bad influence!”

Kanye had to remind Disick on several occasions that nothing that they do is private.

Ain’t that the truth.   Now let’s look at who was Scott balling with?

Kanye West Net worth of: $90 Million

Puff Daddy Net Worth of: $500 Million

Lil Wayne Net worth of: $95 Million

Scott Disick Net worth of: $2 Million

Scott Disick Net worth is attributed mainly from appearances on Kardashian related TV shows.  Trust me, that $15K set him back like a big dog!



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