Hines Ward

Hines Ward Named in Paternity Suit. Woman Claims He Fathered her 1 Year Old Daughter.

It appears that when Hines Ward isn’t playing football or Dancing with Stars, he’s still pretty busy or should I say, “getting busy”.   The retired NFL wide receiver is being called out in a paternity suit.   A women named Melanie Smith alleges that Ward is the father of her 1 year old daughter.

Smith wanted Hines to man up and take care of his responsibilities but the MVP says that the child is not his. His denial prompted Smith to file a lawsuit in which Hines Ward would be mandated to take a paternity test.  If the child is his, Ward will have to start paying child support including over a year in back pay.  So far the judge hasn’t ruled and no one from Hines camp has commented on the issue.

If that child is his, that would make two for Hines.  He has a son Jaden with his ex-wife Simone.

Ward was drafted in the third round in 1998 and played 14 years with the Steelers.  He is a member of the 1000 club.  Only 8 NFL players have 1,000 or more reception in their career.

Hines Ward has a net worth of $16 Million

When I asked Hines if the kid was his, he was like


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