Roger Eberts top 10 Movies 2012

Roger Ebert Releases His List of Best Films of 2012. Do you Agree?

This list is becoming as much of an end of the year tradition as the BET top 100 Videos countdown.  Roger Ebert, despite his health and appearance is still a big deal and highly respected in the film industry.  Every year he releases what he feels are the 10 best movies of the year.

Ebert says that this list was especially hard because of the quality and vast number of good movies released this year.  He personally has written over 300 reviews in 2012 alone so if there is anyone qualified to rattle off a top 10 list it’s Roger Ebert.

Here they are from Last to first:

10. A Simple Life

9. Oslo, August 31

8. Beasts of the Southern Wild

7. The Sessions

6. Flight

5. Arbitrage

4. End of Watch

3. Lincoln

2. Life of Pi

1. Argo

No Django, no Zero Dark Thirty, No Hunger Games. He does give a list of honorable mentions:

“Central Park Five,” “Cloud Atlas,” “Impossible,””In the Family,” “Last Ride,” “A Late Quartet,” “The Master,” “Paradise Lost 3,” “Prometheus,” “Rampart,” “Searching for Sugar Man,” “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” and “West of Memphis.”

I would use this as a guide if you are wondering what to rent in 2013.  Roger is usually “Spot On”.

Is your favorite of 2012 on this list?

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