Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are Engaged – Kandi says, A Pre-nup will be Signed!

If Todd thought he was going to pump, marry and dump Kandi for her millions, then he quickly needs a plan B.  Kandi is more then hip to the game. She reads the blogs, she knows what everyone was thinking and that is simply that, “Gold Diggers can come with a Penis”.

Todd popped the question to Kandi on New Year’s the same day as Nene and Greg.

I’m not mad at Todd.  Even if Kandi was the checkout girl at Shop Rite she would be a good catch.  She’s got personality; she’s got a body and a cute face.  Throw in a net worth of $35 million and you leave your current girlfriend and move in with Kandi with the quickness.

That’s basically what he did (read here), however if he thought he was getting half of her fortune, he better think again.  Kandi took to her blog on BRAVO and set the record straight, She is getting a Prenuptial Agreement.  If Todd didn’t know that before, he knows that now.  Kandi wrote,

 I do believe in pre-nups. I know that some people feel if you are truly in love and are planning to be dedicated to your marriage that a pre-nup somehow means the person requesting the pre-nup is expecting the marriage to fail. I don’t agree. I feel like it’s a safety precaution. Just like if you have a fire extinguisher in your home it doesn’t mean you expect it to burn down, but you’re just prepared to put out the fire before it starts if need be.

As we see on all of the Housewives’ shows and reality shows in general, friends turn into enemies in a matter of months.   When there is love and money involved disagreements reach new levels of intensity.

Burruss says she has witnessed this first hand,

 I’ve had friends and associates who didn’t get a pre-nup say “they didn’t need one,” “she or he would never do that,” etc. But then later when they got divorced, things got ugly, and the person tried to get everything, they were like, “I would have never thought they would have done that to me,” “she or he is not the person I married,” blah, blah, blah. I feel like people do some crazy and vindictive things when they’re hurt, so I think there should be agreements set in place while everyone is thinking clearly. That way if D-day ever comes (and hopefully it won’t, but if it does), then it doesn’t have to get uglier and more hurtful than it already is.

When it comes to pre-nups there is no double standard. You are getting a good woman who is willing to share her life and money with you.  You screw up, you leave with what you came in with and in Todd’s case, that’s his hopes and dreams, not much else.  If he refuses to sign then just pull a Steadman.  Right Oprah?


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