ll kim 1996 album cover

Lil Who? Lil Kim Makes an Appearance and Looks Unrecognizable.

Believe it or not Lil Kim used to be a sex symbol. When boys opened their lockers a picture of Kim squatting down in heels and a leopard print bikini used to be taped inside. Everyone had that picture and everyone brought that album, mainly because all her songs were penned by B.I.G. at that time.
Now, the 4 ft. 11 inch former rap superstar has had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a damn space alien. Her face looks like a test dummy for plastic surgery. Where students practice and fail and then try again. It started with her nose and then took over. Nene Leaks, let this be a warning. Stop while you are ahead.
Black woman don’t need Botox!!

lil Kim looking crazy

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