Seal Goes from Super Model, to Super Hero. Is he Dating Erin Cahill?

Seal and the Power Ranger 3Seal’s new main squeeze has been identified as Erin Cahill.  If she seems familiar it’s because she’s one of the Power Rangers.

Her name is Erin Cahill but I remember her as Jen Scotts.  She was the Pink Power Ranger, the 2nd woman to serve as the teams leader.  She played this role from 2001 to 2002.  


It’s too early to really say that they are an item although bloggers are starting to run with the story.


Seal and the Power Ranger 2

The 50 year old Seal and 33 year old Cahill met only two days ago, at a charity event held Tuesday night at the Wilshire Four Season hotel. Apparently she was feeling Seal because the two were photographed the later in the week out to lunch.  From the photos taken there seems to be a lot of touching and flirting.

Seal seems to have moved on from Heidi Klum although technically and legally they are still married.  The divorce, when it happens should go smoothly as they have both signed a Post-nup.  That’s when the pre-nup is signed after the marriage.  Seal and Klum decided to keep all their assets separate…almost like planning for a divorce. Seal and the Power Ranger

Seal now lives in a $6 million house in the Brentwood area of L.A. and his new hobby is chasing Power Range booty!!


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