Three Modern Family Stars Trapped in a Crowded Elevator for An Hour; Firemen to the Rescue!

Modern Family Stars Trapped in an Elevator

What if you found yourself in an elevator with three of the stars of one of the most popular sitcoms.  How cool would that be?  You probably wouldn’t say anything to them or maybe just let them know that you are a big fan.  Some sort of elevator pitch because you know you are only going to be in the elevator with them for a few seconds at most.

Unless the elevator gets stuck!

What seemed like an episode of Modern Family, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were all stuck in a crowded elevator.   The three were on their way to a fundraiser in Kansas City for the Boys and Girls Club.   That is the hometown where Eric Stonestreet is from.

They were trapped in the elevator for over 45 minutes.  Ferguson decided to capture the moment on twitter posting the picture shown above with the caption,

“This is us right now. 45 minutes stuck in this elevator,”

He also tweeted a comment about how cute the Firefighters in Kansas City are.

He also posted a quick video of the rescue in process.

Thank God for social media.  How else do you keep busy trapped in an elevator.


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