Freeway Rick Ross

Nick Cannon Will Take on the Role As Infamous Drug Lord “Freeway” Rick Ross….And He’s Not the Rapper.

For those who don’t know, the rapper Rick Ross isn’t really he real Rick Ross, he’s William Leonard Roberts.  There is a Real Rick Ross and he’s the real deal.

The infamous drug lord known as “Freeway” Rick Ross got his name Freeway because he owned property along the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles.  Ross’ drug empire was so huge there are rumors that he once made $3 million in one day.  Eventually his empire came tumbling down when he tried to buy more than 10 kilos of coke from  federal agent .  He was first sentenced to life in prison without parole but that was later reduced to 20  years.  He was incarcerated in 1996 and released a few years early in 2009 for good behavior.

Sounds like a good movie right?

That’s exactly what Nick Cannon was thinking.  He says that he has been trying since Ross’ arrest to play him.  In a Youtube clip Cannon released where he is standing side by side with the Real Rick Ross, Cannon says,

“I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96,”

We got hooked up, I met him. I loved his personality.” The “America’s Got Talent” host chimed in, “This is history in the making right here. We family now. We gonna get this thing right however long it take. The story gotta be told: the real Rick Ross.”

The script is being done by Nick Cassavetes, the man who wrote Johnny Depp’s’ drug classic “Blow”.  People are already expecting this film to be the new Scarface.

The Real Ross has tried to sue the rapper Rick Ross for $10 Million for using his name.  His first attempt was thrown out of court but he has since refilled his motion and he has a trial date set in Los Angeles Superior Court on August 27th of this year.  He will be suing Rick Ross & Warner Music Group.

“Freeway” Rick Ross has a net worth estimated at $1 Million. Here is Nick Cannon side by side with the Real Rick Ross


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