American Idol: America Sends Paul Jolley Packing.

People still watch American Idol, right? The once popular singing competition is currently in its 12th season and the contestants could not be any duller. Who care’s right, it’s all about the judges now anyway.

Regardless they had their second results show of the season last night and it was Paul Jolley of Dresden Tennessee who went home last night. It was kind of a bittersweet night for Jolley. Earlier in the show, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest presented Jolley with a commemoration of the day in his honor given to him by the citizens of his hometown in Tennessee. However, he didn’t have much time to celebrate because right after he received the honor, Ryan informed him that he was in the bottom three.

Paul Jolley joined Devin Velez and surprisingly, Amber Holcomb in the bottom three. The biggest surprise of the night was that Lazaro Arbos didn’t even crack the bottom three! He had a terrible performance on Tuesday, but somehow managed to stay out of the bottom three. Perhaps, it has something to do with the crying performance he gave on the stage after he was finished singing. Lazaro let the tears fall down when the judges criticized his performance, he couldn’t even look at the camera during their critique. He was crying and facing Ryan Seacrest the entire time.

It seems as if viewers felt sorry for him. As most of you know, Lazaro suffers from a chronic stutter that disappears when he sings. To some people, that sounds a little fishy. There are a lot of people on the internet who think that it’s all just an act, but we’re pretty sure it’s 100% legit. Usually, you find out by now if someone is faking something as serious as that. You’d get friends or people from his past coming out and saying, “He didn’t stutter when I knew him” but we haven’t heard anything like that. So, it’s safe to assume that the poor guy really does suffer from a stutter.

However, that’s not to say his emotional performance on Tuesday wasn’t an act. We’re sure he is well aware of the fact that people feel sorry him, so why not take advantage of it? He was certainly playing it up on Tuesday night and that’s probably what kept him in the competition.

How long will it last, though? Can he afford to have another off week? We’ll find out next week when the top 8 perform the music of Detroit.

On the flip side, Paul Jolley appears to be taking his exit in stride.  He says that he’s not leaving alone, he’s taking his fans.  During his exit interview Jolley said,

Now that I’ve been on Idol, I’m moving forward in my journey through life. And having all these fans means I’m not alone anymore. They’re going to be there for me 100 percent.”

We’ll see how many fans he really has when that album drops.



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