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Rocker Pete Wentz Opens Up

Pete Wentz has had his fair share of problems throughout his life. Even when he was having great success with his band “Fall Out Boy” the 33-year-old bassist was fighting the battle of his life. In a very open interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Pete revealed some pretty shocking things about his life. Including his battle with prescription drugs and his surprising divorce from Ashlee Simpson.  He told the magazine,

“I was probably physically and mentally addicted. It started from insomnia and anxiety from flying, then it spiraled.”

However, he did manage to get his addiction under control temporarily after his son Bronx was born back in 2008. The relief didn’t last long, though, because his addiction to the prescription drugs came back in 2009 when his band decided to go on an “indefinite hiatus.”

 “I felt like a loser already. I’d basically gone from being the guy in Fall Out Boy to being the guy who, like, hangs out all day. I didn’t see how I’d ever come out on the other side.”

Pete’s life continued to spiral out of control during his divorce from his ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson. The “public” nature of it all was just too much for Pete to handle and it only made his pill addiction worse. His condition got so bad that he even began to suffer from severe paranoia.

“I was scared of everything. I thought there were always people listening to me. Like, I had my house searched for bugs. It was crazy.” he told the magazine during the interview. And even though Pete went back to therapy, he credits his 4-year-old son for basically saving his life, “You’re up in the morning and you to really be there. It’s not like getting up from a radio interview. In some ways, that was super helpful for my soul. There was a jump-cut in my life. I started thinking — like, being old would be cool.” Wentz said.

That’s really great to hear considering Pete did try to commit suicide back in 2005. He took a handful of anti-anxiety pills. He admitted to being depressed at the time, but he didn’t want to admit to it actually being a suicide attempt. “It had more to do with being depressed. I wasn’t thinking of killing myself. I’ve never really called it a suicide attempt. I just wanted my head to be completely turned off.” he told People magazine in 2008.

I believe that is called a suicide attempt, Pete. However, does that really matter? Not one bit. The important part of this story is the fact that Pete appears to finally be turning his life around. His son might be the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Good for him.


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