‘Glee Star’ Matthew Morrison Talks About His Sexuality

Matthew Morrison has been singing and dancing his entire life. A huge fan of Broadway, he’s a self proclaimed “song and dance man” and in our society, liking something like musicals will often get you labeled as “gay.” All throughout school, Matthew has had to put up with the constant questions and bullying. He started really dancing and singing in the 5th grade, and he says he has heard it all.

In fact, if you type in “Matthew Morrison” in a search engine you might see something like, “Matthew Morrison gay scandal” or something similar. His sexuality has been in debate for a long time, and the Glee star talked with The Huffington Post about the misconception that he is gay…

“I know my own truth. I’m in a great relationship with a woman. Maybe before it used to bother me. Then I was like, ‘This is so stupid that this bothers me. Some of my best friends in the world are gay, and if this is bothering me, then that means I have an issue with that.’ Once I figured that out for myself, I thought, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.’ That’s why I think I’ve become an ally for the gay and lesbian community. I just got (an Ally for Equality Award) the other day in Atlanta. I’m very proud of my role in the community. So say what you will.”

That’s a great way to look at the situation! Most straight men probably do get offended when someone thinks they’re gay, but is it really that offensive? Most gay men keep their appearance in check, you know? They dress nice, keep their hair cut and I imagine they probably smell nice. I’ve never actually gone up to a gay man and smelled him, but I picture them smelling like butterflies and cotton candy. Is that weird? I mean, look at the picture of Lance Bass down below. Doesn’t it just look like he reeks of butterflies and cotton candy?



No? Maybe I just really want some cotton candy…and butterflies? Anyway, back to Matthew Morrison. He has a new album coming out titled, ‘Where It All Began’ which has some standards, but it also includes some Broadway classics. It’s the first album released by the new 222 records, which was founded by Adam Levine. Where It All Began is available now. You can visit his website for more information. And don’t be ashamed if you’re a straight man who likes Broadway music! Embrace that sh-t! Catch a few butterflies, eat some cotton candy and enjoy the sweet, sweet music.

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