Justin Bieber Moving in on Miley Cyrus?

It looks like Selena Gomez just isn’t doing it for Justin Bieber anymore. The 19-year-old professional douchebag was seen partying and “flirting” with Miley Cyrus this past weekend. The two were hanging out at Beacher’s Madhouse late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Sources tell TMZ that Miley arrived at the joint first and then Justin showed up a short time later, and went straight to Miley’s table.

They talked, laughed and flirted with each for around 15 minutes and the most interesting part of this whole story? Miley and Justin left the place at the same time! No one knows for sure where they went, or if they actually went someone together, but the fact that they left at the same time seems a bit suspicious.

TMZ managed to land some photos of the two hanging out together…



Justin’s girlish good looks combined with Miley’s short hair really makes it hard to tell them apart! If Justin wasn’t wearing that stupid hat, they could probably pass as twins! Anyway, it should be noted that Miley and Justin have been friends for awhile, but sources say that there might be something more going on.

I really hope there is something more going on. Not only would it create some awesome drama, but I also think they are perfect for each other. I wish them all the best. Where do we send the wedding gifts?

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