Who is Rapper ‘King Kevi’ And Why Is He Filing A Restraining Order Against Justin Bieber?

This is certainly a strange story. Apparently, a rapper by the name of ‘King Kevi’ is filing a restraining order against Justin Bieber. Kevin Pederson (King Kevi) claims that Bieber tweeted out his phone number to his millions of fans and now he is has been bombarded with thousands of death threats. Pederson says that Bieber tweeted out his number to get revenge for media reports about their “fake friendship.”

Are you getting any of this so far? Me neither. Anyway, Mr. Pederson talked to E! News to try and clear things up,

“Forty million crazy fans from all over the world are saying they want to stab me, come to my house and are giving out my address. Thankfully, I have a guard at the gate. It doesn’t make me feel safe when you have 40 million people against me and all know my number and address…(Bieber) is trying to disown me just to protect his image.”

Is this dude a comedian or a rapper? Because I don’t think I have ever laughed this hard in my life. He’s scared of Beliebers coming to his house and stabbing him? I’m fairly certain that most of Bieber’s fans can’t even drive yet! Are they going to have their parents drive them to his house just to stab him?

Belieber: Hey, mom. Can you drop me off at King Kevi’s house? I need to stab him.

Mom: Sure thing, darling. Just let me grab my keys.

What a silly thing to be worried about. I’m pretty sure he has nothing to be worried about. But let’s get back to this stupid story. This King Kevi doofus had his first restraining order petition denied, but he’s trying again and has another hearing scheduled for July 10th. Of course, Bieber’s people are denying this whole thing and they claim Bieber never even posted a tweet about this guy. They also say that Bieber doesn’t even know who this guy is! “He’s delusional” a source close to Bieber said.


However, in March of this year, TMZ reported that the wannabe rapper was living at Bieber’s mansion with Lil Twist and another friend. He was also seen leaving Selena Gomez’s house, but those photos turned out to be staged. Multiple sources claim that Pederson is full of lies, but Pederson continues to stick by his claims. He even told RadarOnline last week that he used to organize wild parties at Bieber’s house, but he added that Bieber is not really suppose to be seen with him now.

Why the hell is wanting a restraining order then? If we assume everything he said was true and Justin Bieber is not supposed to be seen with him to protect his image, then why on earth would he need a restraining order? None of this damn story makes sense and now I am in a bad mood because stupid sh-t like this just pisses me off. I hate myself for writing about this. I think I might actually go and stab myself now.

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