Miley Cyrus Goes Off On Paparazzi! (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus has won my heart. The 20-year-old was leaving the doctor’s office the other day when she was immediately surrounded by the paparazzi. She was trying to hide her face from the insane amount of camera flashing going on when a paparazzo asked her if she was pregnant, “No, I’m f–king sick, you bitch!” Miley replied as she tried to escape the swarm of cameras.

She managed to get into a car that was waiting for her and drove off. In the next shot, you can see her friend picking up a prescription for her at CVS. You can watch the full video down below…

Good for her. What kind of stupid f–king question is that? Since when is going to the doctor a sure sign of pregnancy? Plus, why are you going to bother someone like that at the doctor’s office? There are no boundaries anymore. And I know what you’re thinking, “But aren’t you doing the same thing?” Maybe. I’d like to think that we make fun of everyone on this site, though. Hell, I probably make fun of myself more than anybody.

I am all for calling out celebrities when they do stupid sh-t, but can’t we give them just a little bit of space? Do we really need to see pictures of them leaving the doctor’s office?


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