Kyle Massey Does NOT Have Cancer

Really internet? Really? We’re better than this! Apparently, some idiots started a rumor about Disney Channel star, Kyle Massey. The rumor claimed that the 21-year-old actor was terminally ill with cancer.

Twitter went wild with this rumor and sadly many of his fans believed the rumors. Some were even sending prayers to the actor! But, it turns out that it was just all one big hoax. Thankfully, Kyle Massey is perfectly healthy and does not have cancer.

His rep told E! News the following,

“Kyle Massey is not dying from cancer and does not have cancer. This is a very serious disease and he’s upset that someone would make light of such a serious subject. He has been affected personally from the disease as he has had family members who have passed away from cancer.”

Kyle Massey himself also spoke with E! News and he promised to hunt down the person who started the rumor,

“My team and I are making every attempt to find out the original source of this story because it’s just not cool. I support Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles through Disney Channel and Britti Cares International in support of children with various diseases and illnesses and donate my time with pride and dignity.”

Damn, son! It’s not THAT big of deal. These rumors happen all the time, it’s not like they’re just coming after you. At least they didn’t say you did die, they just said that you were going to die. You see? That must mean they like you.


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