Juicy J Offers $50,000 To World’s Best Twerker

Parents, if you see your teenager working on their twerking in their bedroom when they should be working on their homework, don’t be alarmed! Those twerking moves could just land them a $50,000 scholarship!

Back on Wednesday, Juicy J tweeted that he would be giving away a $50,000 scholarship to the “best chick that can twerk.” News of the incredible offer spread fast on Twitter and later that day it became a trending topic.

However, Juicy J has since deleted the tweet, so we’re not sure if he’s planning on sticking to his word or not. It kind of seems like he would have to now that it was trending on Twitter. We all know when it trends on Twitter, it has to be real.

We’ll have to see where this goes, but admittedly I am kind of mad that he only included chicks in this contest. What about us guys who could use a scholarship? We can twerk, too! Every morning before I take a shower, I practice my twerking skills in the mirror. After 3 months of practice, I am finally able to pop my booty without sh**ting on myself.

That has to count for something, right?


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