Farrah Abraham’s Hilarious ‘Days of Our Lives’ Audition Tape Leaks Online (VIDEO)

Yesterday, we told you that Farrah Abraham auditioned to play a hooker on the popular soap opera, Days of Our Lives. The character’s name she was auditioning for was, “Destiny” and she was allegedly going to be a prostitute.

This seemed like the perfect role for Farrah since she is basically already a prostitute. However, we have now learned that NBC has turned her down. A rep for the soap opera told Celebuzz that reports of her getting the part are “false.”

And now that her audition tape has leaked online, we can clearly see why they turned her down. You have to watch the hilarious video down below…

What the hell, Farrah? I know soap operas aren’t known for their great acting, but that sh-t was just terrible. I believe they call what she was doing in that video, “reading.” Not acting.

I didn’t believe she was really a hooker for one minute! I mean, she didn’t even have a penis inside her mouth at any point during the video!

What kind of bullsh-t is that? I want my money back.


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