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You Can’t Afford This – Zendaya Gets Her Wallet Thrown Back At Her At A Vons Grocery Store and Snap Chats Her Experience! (Video)


First of all, I need to start this post out with the fact that I’m a huge Zendaya fan.  Standing at a flawless 5 ft. 10 inches, I think she is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood today.

As she is just entering her 20’s you can see that she is growing into her height and embracing womanhood and getting more beautiful with each passing year.


So far, for the most part she has been a class act.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes and VONS…can we troll her Instagram a little bit together so I’m not alone?

Zendaya 1

Zendaya 2

Zendaya 3

Zendaya 4

Ok. You are now hopefully with me.  However, as we go into the story, let’s keep in mind that on the day in question, Zendaya looked less like the photos above, and more like the photo you see below.  Still cute, but in a “around the way” – “hope to smash your next door neighbor” sort of way.


Dressed and looking like a normal girl, Zendaya claims that she was a victim of racism at a Vons grocery store.  She says that she was refused service by the clerk due to her skin color.  This is a huge accusation and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


In case you were wondering Zendaya is simply half white and half black.

Her father is a black dude from Arkansas named Sam and her mom is  a white lady with German /Irish decent named Claire.  Nothing crazy, but as you can see her parents played a high stakes game of gene pool roulette and hit 4 cherries with Zendaya.


Nope…that’s not a mistake. Those are really her parents.  Maybe it’s just bad lighting….




Ok! That’s much better.


According to a series of Snap Chat videos in Zendaya’s own words, Yes.  We spliced the Snapchat videos together so you can get the full story in one shot..(I hate snap chat).

Zenday In Vons Snapchat

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  1. Calling you out

    What type of trash person wrote this article? A young girl gets abused at Von’s, but you, you racist asshole writes about her parents looks and how you are hoping she’s lying and gets exposed.

    Please die.

    • Cosmo

      I’m calling you back out….as an idiot.

      1st of all, we are called TV Smack Talk and we are a gossip site so commenting on looks is par for the course and my commentary consists of posting pictures until I found a good one of her parents.

      2nd of all, I’m black so it’s kind of hard for me to be a racist.

      3rd of all, what part of the article does it say I’m hoping she’s lying and gets exposed. If you actually read…I actually say, “She is probably telling the truth. If it can happen to Oprah, then it can definitely happen to Zendaya.” and did you miss where I say, ” Let’s hope Zendaya’s situation ends in similar vindication.” That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you read and accused me of writing. The EXACT OPPOSITE.

      And better than asking what type of person runs a fun, light hearted celebrity news site, you should ask yourself what kind of person hides behind their computer and wishes people to die. I would never say something so nasty to anyone EVER. It seemed to roll of your comments as if you wished death on people everyday.

      Check yourself before you go checking others.

  2. millineaok

    I walked into a dealership one time with 14k in an envelope, and wanted to see one of the USED cars I saw online. They refused to show it to me and kept asking where my mommy was, how was I going to pay for it, and who was going to sign for the financing. The f$#king car was 8k.

    I walked out heated, went across town and bought the same damn car at a dealer who offered my young, beautifully tan ass cookies and lemonade when I walked in. Tuh!

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