Cam is not DRAKE. After Joe Budden’s Fires Shots at Cam’ron, Cam disrespects Joe and His Girl and Budden Quickly Backs down.

Looks like when you stand up to a bully, the bully does actually back down.  The bully in this case is Joe Budden.  Last year Joe went at Drake relentlessly recording diss track after diss track but Drake never took the bait.  Cam is not Drake.

Budden started the drama by commenting on the entire Cam’ron – Jim Jones emotional beef.  Joey had a lot to say about Cam’ron’s response to Jim Jones’ interview during Cam’ron’s Instagram live show.


Cam said that he basically stole the Byrdgang logo from Jim Jones.

“He said he ‘nah’ we Dipset, ByrdGang, that’s just our nickname. So what I did was.  I’m just being totally honest, I copywrote the name ByrdGang.

Because I’m like if you not trying to do nothing shiesty or try to separate yourself, it shouldn’t matter if I got it…if you want to branch off and do your own thing, that’s not a problem, but you told me you wasn’t. So I was like ‘I’ll put it to the side.”

Joe took to his podcast and had a lot of tough talk….as usual.  At one point in the podcast he said that if he were Jim Jones, he would have fought Cam’ron.  Joe then continued to criticize Cam but then took things to another level when he said that he would have f-cked Cam’ron up.

Budden said,

“when he said, ‘You told me you wasn’t doin’ nothing with ByrdGang, so I copyrighted it,’ I would’ve f*cked him up, immediately!”

To me…he went a little too far.  He called Cam, “tasteless” among other things.  If you ask me, he was looking for trouble (or ratings), and he got both.  Here’s the snippet of the podcast.

Of course, Joe’s podcast made headlines, particularly on Vlad TV.  Cam saw these headlines and in true Cam fashion, he was quick to respond.


Cam took the headline written by Vlad TV and hit cam’ron up, on Instagram twice.  Once in a DM and then again with a public post.  Cam wrote >>NEXT PAGE<<

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