Cam is not DRAKE. After Joe Budden’s Fires Shots at Cam’ron, Cam disrespects Joe and His Girl and Budden Quickly Backs down.

Somebody wake Joey up.. Cause he ain’t gonna open my Dm,  Despite what people think.. I got genuine love for capo. We know each other’s families.. It would never go there. (Not on my end) but u.. U can’t afford these problems.. U think ransom was at ya door..”


It appears after Cam’s post, Cam and Budden talked and patched things up.  This was confirmed via a video that Cam posted on Instagram of Budden’s girl, Cyn Santana, singing and dancing to Cam’s song “Suck it or not”.  In the post, Cam writes,

My apologies to joe just spoke to him..I jumped da gun.. My bad.. Brah Much love to u and the misses


In case the video gets removed here it is again….

Despite the apology, this is shade.  If you post a video  of my girl, singing  your song that just so happens to be entitled “Suck it or not” , I don’t care if you apologize in the caption or not.  How about just apologize and that’s it.

It appears however, that Joe was ok with the post. He responded in the comments with a simple “KILLA”


Now remember, Joe has a job to do, and that job is to get people to listen to his podcast.  It worked.  Making comments like what he said about Cam’ron will have people listening in to last weeks podcast and then listening in again next week to see what Joe has to truly say about this incident.

His plan worked but the plan also comes with risk.  The risk is, he might call the wrong person out at the wrong time and things might not go as well.



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