Ladies, Now Is Your Time! Zac Efron Is Ready For A Serious Relationship, Says He’s Thinking Of Settling Down!

Zac Efron is one of those dudes who is so attractive that even straight guys are like, “Okay, I get why every girl wants to have sex with him.” IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM. DON’T GET UNCOMFORTABLE. It just means you get it. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that your girlfriend wants to f**k Efron.

And typically that wouldn’t be a huge concern, but now that he’s ready to settle down? You might want to watch your girl.

The 29-year-old actor had an interview with Cosmopolitan recently, and he admitted now that he’s approaching 30, he’s thinking a lot about settling down.

“I didn’t think much about settling down until recently. Now that I’m getting closer to my 30s, I’m around some great relationships and I’ve seen expert couples at work. I’m realizing that you have to find your own happiness before you can make somebody else happy.”

That last sentence is important, especially for someone like Efron. He has struggled for several years. He was on drugs, going to parties constantly…he was headed down a dangerous road.

Thankfully, he figured it out and corrected the situation. He truly does seem to be in a great place right now, which means he is ready to find his perfect match.

Who will that be? We don’t know, but if there is a God in heaven, he will find a way to win back Vanessa Hudgens’ heart.

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