tiny and wendy

Dang Wendy! Tiny gets drilled. They talk Bernice Burgos, Dancing with Floyd Mayweather and Wendy Challenges that her Wedding Issues with TI are a fake Plot for Reality TV (FULL VIDEO).

You Can love or hate Wendy but she calls it like she sees it.

Wendy is at her best in these types of situations.  She is her best when she knows the star is smaller than she is and when the smaller star needs Wendy’s show.  This is exactly the case.  Tiny is launching her own record label and her daughter Zonnique is her first artist, so Tiny needs this promotion.

This puts her on the defense and Wendy knows this.  This gives Wendy all the leverage she needs to put the full court press on TINY and ask her anything she wants any way she wants and that is exactly what she does.

Now Wendy is a professional so she does it with the backdrop of respect but you can also see the shade.

She goes right for the jugular and calls the entire divorce a storyline for the reality show.  She then hits her with a lot of questions that we all wanted answers to including what is going on with Floyd, Tiny’s beef with Bernice Burgos and even shades Tiny by telling her she’s watering up when she’s talking.  “Oh the Shade of it all”.

Watch the Full interview…..

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