NFL Player Michael Oher (Inspiration For ‘The Blind Side’) Accused Of Assaulting Uber Driver, Get The Details Inside!

It’s a dangerous life for Uber drivers. The world is full of crazy people, so inviting those crazy people inside your car doesn’t seem like the best idea. But people gotta eat, right?

Anyway, NFL player Michael Oher, who inspired the 2009 sports drama The Blind Side, was cited for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver in Nashville. The incident happened back on April 14.

The Uber driver filed a report claiming Oher forced him to get out of the vehicle because “he didn’t know where he was going.” And from there, the argument got heated, which led to Oher pushing the driver down to the ground and kicking him in the leg.

Oher was with four of his friends at the time, so the Uber driver had no chance in this fight. Not that he would have had a chance if it was just Oher. The dude is a pro offensive tackle. You don’t mess with that.

He currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, and a spokesman for the team sent out a brief statement on the alleged assault, “We are aware an incident occurred involving Michael. We have no further comment at this time.”

Oher has a court date scheduled for May 8. He faces a misdemeanor assault charge. We’ll keep you posted on this story. He’s obviously not going to get any jail time, but he could be looking at some sort of punishment from the NFL if he’s found guilty.

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