Did Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Finally Dump Matt Baier? Uh, Well…Maybe? Let’s Figure It Out Inside!

Last week was a pretty dramatic week for Amber Portwood and her incredibly creepy boyfriend Matt Baier. You see, there were reports coming out claiming Matt was cheating on Amber with multiple women.

She confronted him about it, and he of course denied the reports, but you don’t expect Matt to tell the truth about such a thing, right?

So when Amber and Matt went out to Los Angeles last week to do some interviews/promo for the show, she allegedly made him take a lie detector test. And it’s being reported that he failed. Hard. He lied about some of the questions involving the cheating allegations, which obviously pissed Amber off.

She sent his butt back home after the test, while she finished off the rest of the interviews in Los Angeles. Amber talked with Dr. Drew’s wife, Susan Pinsky, on her podcast and she admitted that Matt and her had a wedding date planned at one point.

“We were engaged for a couple of years, and we had a venue set up for a wedding October 13th. Some things have happened over the last couple of days so I don’t know. We were together three years. I can’t say we’re together right now and I can’t say we aren’t together right now. It’s a weird situation. I can say he went home yesterday and I am here.

What kind of Ross and Rachel sh*t is this? You’re either together or you’re not. There is no gray area. That’s just going to make the problem worse, ’cause Matt can now use the excuse, “Well, I thought we were taking a break!”

It’s a difficult situation for Amber. She doesn’t want to feel like she wasted three years of her life with some cheating douchebag, so she’s trying to figure out a way to make it work.

But you just have to let it go sometimes. It might be hard right now, but it sets you up better in the future.

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