Katy Perry Drops New Song ‘Swish Swish’ And It Is Definitely A Taylor Swift Diss Track! LISTEN INSIDE!

This Friday is filled with music drama. First you had Liam Payne dissing Harry Styles’ new music, and now you have Katy Perry releasing her Taylor Swift diss track.

The 32-year-old singer released a new song (featuring Nicki Minaj) late Thursday night titled, Swish Swish, and many people believe it’s about T-Swift. Obviously, Perry will probably never confirm nor deny the allegations, but we don’t need her confirmation.

In the first verse of the song, Perry sings…

“A tiger / Don’t lose no sleep / Don’t need opinions / From a shellfish or a sheep / Don’t you come for me / No, not today / You’re calculated / I got your number / ‘Cause you’re a joker / And I’m a courtside killer queen.”

That sheep line is significant because after Swift’s Rolling Stone interview, where she called out Perry for allegedly stealing her backup dancers, Perry went on her Twitter account and wrote, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

And it makes sense for Nicki Minaj to be on this track. She had her own mini feud with Swift a few years back.

In Minaj’s verse, she raps…

“Don’t be tryna double back, I already despise you. All that fake love you showin’ couldn’t even disguise you.”

Swift has always been accused of being “fake,” so it’s hard to look at that lyric and not think it’s about Swift.

It’s honestly a little annoying that singers today are so afraid to admit when a song is a diss track. You wrote the damn thing. Own that sh*t and be proud of it.

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