REPORT: Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell Used Exercise Band To Kill Himself Inside Hotel Room

Yesterday we reported the sad news to you all. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found dead inside his hotel room just hours after he and his band performed at the MGM Grand Detroit. His security guard is the person who found him. He had to kick down two doors to get to him.

As we told you yesterday, police believed at the time it was a suicide. Well, now we know for sure Cornell took his own life, and we know how he did it.

He used a common piece of exercise equipment: a red elastic exercise band. He attached it to a carabiner, which is a device commonly used by mountain climbers. They attach it to a belt to prevent them from falling, so as you can imagine, it’s designed to hold a lot of weight.

Cornell placed the carabiner on top of the door, and then jammed the door shut. According to the reports, it was jammed so tight it left an indentation in the door frame.

When the security guard found the 52-year-old musician, he was hanging and had blood running from his mouth. Chris’ family believe the medication (Ativan) he was taking may have played a role in his decision to end his life.

His wife talked to him on the phone an hour or two before he died. She said he sounded “groggy,” but he assured her that nothing was wrong.

You can watch his final performance in the video below…

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