T.I. Has Been Showering Bernice Burgos With Countless Lavish Gifts; But What he Didn’t Count On Was TINY Getting the Credit Card Statement! D’OH!


Although Hollywood life reports that TI has spent over $1 million dollars on Bernice Burgos…I doubt it. TI is worth a whopping $50 million dollars so he could afford it, but I don’t think he spent nearly that much.

Last week they reported that he’s got her a car, he pays for her apartment when she comes to visit him and she flies 1st class. He also gives her spending money for maintenance (hair, nails, etc). Even if he did that for a full your, that’s a far cry from a million dollars. However, if he wants to spoil his “jump off”, that’s on him. It’s his money right? WRONG!


On May 18th T.I.’s credit card statement came to the house. They are both on the credit card and Tiny was able to see all the things that TIP brought for Bernice.  They report that Tiny just started shaking when she opened the statement, she couldn’t even read her way through the entire thing. They said,

“Tens of thousands of dollars were charged to Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale’s, La Perla, Cartier, Christian Louboutin and an astronomical bill was run up at the Ritz in Buckhead,”

“She couldn’t even look at the rest of the statement because it would have killed her. She ain’t been shopping and T.I. ain’t brought her back these gifts so it’s obvious he’s spoiling his little THOT.”

That Ritz Carlton in Buckhead will run you about $370 per night; and that’s just a basic room!


Bernice’s net worth has been estimated anywhere from $125,000 to $1.2 Million. I’m inclined to believe is somewhere in the middle but increasing more and more everyday.  She has a clothing line of sleepwear called bold-beautiful.com which appears to be pretty legit.


Plus the more she hitches here wagon to T.I. the more followers she gets, the more appearance engagements she books, the more money she earns.

To give this some perspective Scott Disick was earning anywhere from $70K to $80K per night; and he doesn’t look half as good as Bernice.  I think it’s safe to assume she could easily pull down $20K per night, $40K per weekend.  If she did that alone for 10 months out of the year, she would be pulling in $1.6 million per year.  Therefore it’s not too far fetched for her to be worth the $1.1.

But why spend your own money when you have someone, with a lot more, willing to spend theirs on you.  I can’t argue with that logic.

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  1. Tina Jackson

    its sad TI turned out to be the opposite of everything I was attracted to…his love of family, morals and values thats what made him sexy to me his intertaction with his family. I hope that what hes doing is worth tearing his family apart for him, what hes showing his children is the opposite of everything he tried to teach them snd its disrespectful to Tiny and their children. I doubt this fling will last this girl is out to raise her level of attention to becoming famous then TI will be standing there having wasted time and money that could have been used for his children…Good Luck with that TI….#urnotthemanithoughtuwere

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