What? Show me! The Classic Movie “Juice” Has An Alternate Ending; Shows Bishop (2 Pac) Going Out On His Terms! (VIDEO)

How did I not know about this?  For those growing up in the 90’s you know that “Juice” was a big movie.  Besides having Tupac and Omar Epps playing the lead roles, it had cameos by everybody: Treach from Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, EPMD, Special Ed.  Samuel Jackson is even in this movie.

What really put this movie over the top was the sound track – From beginning to end, every song was hot. Uptown Anthem (Naughty by Nature), Know the Ledge (Rakim), Is it Good to you (Teddy Riley), Nuff Respect  (Big Daddy Kane), Don’t Be Afraid (Aaron Hall) and the list goes on…..

Like many classics, a more recent look at the movie and you can see many flaws in the storyline, but that doesn’t make you want to watch it again and again any less.  It’s a snapshot in hip hop history and culture.


This movie turned 25 this year and a special anniversary edition is being released that features the alternate ending.  If you remember the first ending, Bishop (2 Pac) falls to his death after begging Quincy (Omar Epps) not to let go of him. Quincy can no longer hold on to the begging Bishop and drops him and he falls to his death.  There are tons of on lookers and when Quincy walks back to the building, you can hear someone from the crowd say, “You got the juice now”.

Here’s the clip:


Although the change appears subtle, its’ really not.  It changes he entire game. The Films director, Ernest R. Dickerson explains how that opening scene when you see Pac’s Dad sitting there with some type of psychological issue ties directly to the alternate ending.  Bishops dad had been in prison ad it left him traumatized.  When Bishop hears the sirens,  having killed multiple people, he decided he’s rather die then go to prison.  Quincy doesn’t drop him, Bishop lets go.  Dickerson explains,

“He hears the cops coming and he stops struggling and he looks in Q’s eyes and he says ‘I’m not going to jail.  He’d rather die than go to jail. It was just an attitude that showed that Bishop wasn’t a punk. He was a force that really had to be reckoned with in the right way.”

The filmmakers said that this ending did not sit well with test audiences, as a result it was changed.  Watch:

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