And Another one! Nick Gordon Arrested For Assaulting & Kidnapping New Girlfriend Similar to The Night We Lost Bobbi Kristina. When Will He Be Stopped? (DETAILS & INJURY PHOTOS)

Remember, this man is still being held legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina which comes with the price tag of $36 million and he’s still under criminal investigation.  You would think, there were enough good looking men out there, that you would leave this “train wreck” of a man alone.  Even if he was innocent, he has way too much baggage at the age of 28, to even consider a serious relationship with…right?  Wrong.

None of that baggage was enough to scare his newest girlfriend Laura Leal who after Saturday is probably rethinking that decision.

You would think that Laura is some trashy, fame hungry girl, but from the look of her social media accounts, she is a normal, good looking 26 year old.


Saturday afternoon Nick was taken into custody in Sanford, Florida.  Laura reported that not only did Nick get physical with her but he beat her in the face and the back of the head with a closed fist!

The two had went to a sports bar called Duffy’s to watch game 4 of the NBA finals.  Once they returned home, they began to argue because Nick thought that Laura might have been trying to hook up with one of his friends at the bar.  In the police report it states that Gordon kept insisting that she wanted to0 be with another man, and just wanted her to admit it.  He said that he wouldn’t be mad, that he just wanted to know the truth.

When she tried to leave, he wouldn’t let her.  She tried to contact her sister through Facebook and Nick took the computer away.  Laura reportedly didn’t have a cell phone because Nick had smashed that a few weeks prior. It says explicitly that he would not allow her to leave and that he continued to punch and hit her.  This is where the kidnapping comes in.


Yes! Leal says that she escaped by running into Nick Gordon’s mother’s bedroom and waking her up.  His mother saw the injuries and drove Laura to her sister’s house and then they went the emergency room.  Gordon’s mom was not there when the police arrived to take her son into custody.


He says that not only did he not hit her, but he was the one being attacked.  Although she doesn’t show any facial bruises, Laura’s arms were in bad shape.  This at least corroborates her story of trying to leave and someone holding on to you, not letting you go.

I say, lock this dude up and get him some help, before someone else gets seriously hurt.  A few months in a cell dating Bubba should teach him how it feels to be in an abusive relationship

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