Jonah Hill Has Lost A Lot Of Weight Again, Check Out The Incredible Transformation Photos Inside!

It seems like every time we see Jonah Hill, he looks completely different from the last time we saw him. Beard, no beard, short hair, longish hair, glasses, no glasses, overweight, chubby, skinny, etc.

Back in 2012/2013, the 33-year-old actor shocked everyone with his weight loss. Before then, everyone knew him as the fat, funny dude from Superbad. But after his great performance in Moneyball, the actor started to clean up his act. He lost weight, and started to focus on building his career as a serious actor.

And for a year or two, he managed to keep the weight off. But then in 2014/2015, he gained over 40 pounds for his role in War Dogs. When photos from the set of the movie were released, everyone was shocked to see him looking like the old Jonah. It was a bit disappointing, as strange as that sounds.

We assumed he would get comfortable at that weight again, but that clearly was not the case, ’cause the actor is looking better than ever in 2017. Hill was in Los Angeles this past weekend, showing off his weight loss in a fitted T-shirt.

Damn, right? We saw similar photos of him back in May, but he had a hoodie on, so we didn’t get a full picture then.

He looks good, right? Hopefully he stays at this weight for a while. If any role calls for him to gain 40 pounds again…turn that sh*t down! It can’t be good for the body.

By the way, he didn’t do anything fancy to lose the weight. All he did was hire a nutritionist and kept a food journal. It’s really that simple, folks. Clean up your diet, go for a few walks, and you’ll see results.

In January, he asked Channing Tatum if it was truly that simple, and his reply was great: “‘Yes, you dumb motherf–er, of course you will. It’s the simplest thing in the entire world.”

We’ll leave you with this photo of Hill standing next to Shaq…LOL!

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