Did Zoe Kravitz Ever Hook Up With Drake? Watch Her Try To Answer The Question Inside! (VIDEO)

Who are the two best interviewers in the game right now? Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Cohen. Both hosts make their guests feel extremely comfortable, which allows them to ask questions any other host would be afraid to ask.

On the Thursday night episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Zoe Kravitz about her rumored romance with Drake. As some of you might remember, she was linked to Drake back in 2013 after they were spotted getting intimate at a Beyonce concert.

The 28-year-old actress tried to dodge the question by replying with, “We hung out for a minute. But we are very good friends. You know.”

No…we don’t know! That’s why we’re asking you, Zoe! Cohen pressed Kravitz on the matter, asking if she and Drake were ever more than just friends.

“We hung out a little bit. You know, it’s like how I hang out, I don’t know how you hang out.”

Pretty vague, huh? But thankfully Cohen added some humor to the mix, “Well, if I was hanging out with Drake, I know what I’d be doing,” he said, which made everyone laugh.

We’re sure Zoe and Drake were more than just friends at one point. Drake has probably been more than just friends with just about every female friend he has.

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