Taxstone Pleads Guilty To Federal Gun Charges In the Troy Ave / Irving Plaza Shooting Incident…But Troy Ave is Not Off The Hook Just Yet! (DETAILS)

It’s official.  Taxstone is behind the Irving Plaza incident.  To quickly refresh your memory, that’s the incident where T.I. and Troy Ave were performing and three people were injured and Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ron McPhatter was killed.

At first many people suspected that Taxstone had something to do with the shooting but during interviews and his popular podcast, Taxstone stayed tight-lipped. When asked, he would simply say,

Man, I don’t know what happened with that situation

However, Tax was placed under investigation almost immediately after the incident by the Feds.  They knew what was up.  When enough evidence was secured Tax was arrested for gun possession.

The gun and two others were found in a “trap,” a secret compartment in the center console of a van driven by Troy Ave’s crew.  One of the weapons was a defaced 9-millimeter pistol loaded with 10 rounds. The other was a stolen Charter Arms .38 revolver loaded with five hollow-point rounds.

The recovered weapon was matched to six bullets recovered from the scene, including the one that killed McPhatter, wounded Troy Ave. and wounded one of the victims in the green room.

They found Taxstone’s DNA on the murder weapon. You can’t get any guiltier than that.

While the news and blogs played the footage of Troy Ave shooting his way out of the plaza, very few outlets played the video before, which shows the shooting prior in the green room.

While the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office did not charge Taxstone with a federal murder charge, they told Judge Lorna Schofield he brought a firearm to Irving Plaza and “fired one shot that killed Ronald McPhatter” as well as additional shots during the confrontation.

Campbell faces up to 20 years in federal lockup.  With his list of priors, he is likely to get the book thrown at him.  But wait…there’s more.  More charges.

Right now he’s only being charged for possession of the gun that killed McPhatter, once they connect the dots to the murder, Taxstone will probably never see daylight again.

When Taxstone was arrested he was reportedly making $150K per year from his podcast activities.  He was one of the pioneers of the emerging, hip hop podcasters and would have likely been earning 10 times that amount had he stayed focused.

I wonder if he can podcast from prison.


Bottom line, Troy Ave was still running through, blasting a gun in public.  Now that he has a legitimate self-defense issue but he can theoretically claim self defense.  He is now officially cleared from bring the gun into the night club which should definitely help his defense.

Troy Ave did not address the Taxstone plea at all and made no mention about it on social media although he did announce that he has a mixtape dropping today.  Smart move.  Way to leverage the publicity!


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