‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body In A Bikini, Also Shows Off Her Actual Baby!

We know it’s all about ‘Teen Mom OG‘ right now. The latest season of ‘Teen Mom 2‘ ended a few months ago, so news on the moms has been scarce.

But Chelsea Houska managed to crawl her way back into the headlines recently, thanks to the photo you see above. The 25-year-old mother went on her Instagram account to show off her post-baby bikini body. She also showed off her second child, Watson.

She gave birth to Watson back in January of this year, so it’s only been about five months. She has clearly worked hard in those five months to drop the baby weight. Or maybe she just injected the little bit of extra fat into Watson’s cheeks! He is adorable with those chubby cheeks.

Things appear to be great in Chelsea’s life right now. She’s got two healthy kids, and one of the best husbands on the show, Cole DeBoer. For those who don’t know, she actually met Cole at a gas station back in 2014. They got engaged in November 2015 and then married each other October 2016.

“So as most of you already know, yesterday Cole and I got married in a tiny ceremony just with our parents and siblings. Next year, once our baby is here and able to be part of it, we will have a big ceremony and reception with our friends/extended family.”

Chelsea deserves a lot of praise. She had to deal with the worst baby daddy ever (Adam Lind) and basically had to raise her first child, Aubree by herself. She has been through a lot of sh*t, but she hasn’t allowed herself to lose her sanity like the rest of the cast of Teen Mom.

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