Conor McGregor Done Messed Up Now. He’s Going To War With The King of Petty, 50 Cent. And of Course, 50 Cent Is Winning! (50 CENT’S MEMES)

For those of you, who haven’t been following the new Ringling Bros. this week, Conor McGregor made fun of Floyd  for carrying a backpack and not being able to read.  If you remember, that was 50’s original joke when 50 and Floyd fell out.  50 took to Instagram with the following post, basically saying that, “he can say that about Floyd, but Conor can’t”.

Here is the post.

Conor responds by basically calling 50 Cent a bitch!

50 Cent took it from there and as 50 does, there has been a constant onslaught of memes and I suspect this is just the beginning.

Conor has taken his antics too far already and we still have more then 2 months to go before the fight.  At least we won’t be running out of material to write about because we know 50 won’t either.

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