Did Kevin Hart Really Cheat? Kevin Responds on Social Media & We Have the Video! He’s Doing Something But Not Cheating! (VIDEO)

Bottom line: There are rumors swirling the internet that Kevin Hart cheated.  It’s safe to say that this literally is a [email protected] storm, for the 5 ft 4 inch comedian.  Those rumors are backed by close up photos (as you can see above) and video of Kevin allegedly in a car with some woman that is NOT his pregnant wife.

From looking at things, it’s pretty safe to say that this is definitely Kevin Hart.  It’s also pretty safe to say that he’s definitely waaaay to close to this girl to be comfortable.  However to say that he cheated is a stretch.

We are all getting stuck on the fact of if, it is or isn’t him, when that’s not really the issue. Plus….it is him.  We are also stuck on the fact that the video was taken outside of his hotel in Miami Beach at 5 AM.  He’s an actor and a stand up comedian.  He has no regular hours.  However there is video……

And from the video it’s appears that he is also in the front seat with”her”.  However it looks like he was trying to make her feel better about something or convince her of something because he’s in the front seat, leaning on the center console talking to both of the people who happen to be in the front seat at the time.  Then when he gets out, there appears to be someone else in the backseat.  Then there is a moment when he appears to get a little too close, but it’s still a stretch to say that he was kissing her. Watch for yourself

Keep in mind, Kevin who has done dirt before on his ex-wife would know that he couldn’t kiss another women with someone else in the front seat, someone walking by and a car pulled up right behind them. At least I would hope so.

Now if I’m Eniko, and I’m pregnant, he would be in trouble.  Would I divorce this man, who will now be the father of my soon to be born child and is worth $120 Million? Most definitely not.  There would just be some raging hormones and money going into my personal checking.

The two haven’t even been married even a year yet so let this be a lesson to both of them on how things are going to be until Kevin learns to be super careful or until the media brings his rising star down!

Here was Kevin’s response to the Radar Online Story:

This was a warning shot Kevin. The streets and everybody else is watching.  Just watch  yourself!

WATCH NOW: Kevin talks about cheating on his 1st wife

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