Chris Christie Gets Heckled During Baseball Game, Confronts Heckler By Getting RIGHT In His Face! WE GOT THE INTENSE VIDEO!

It’s super easy to heckle Chris Christie. He’s done some pretty messed up sh*t during his time as Governor of New Jersey, plus, the shape of his body doesn’t seem natural. He wears his pants to his belly button and always tucks in his shirts, which doesn’t help the situation he has going on.

So if you combine his bad politics with his bizarre body, you have an extremely easy target to troll, and folks sure do love to troll Christie. The latest trolling happened at a baseball game at Miller Park. The Brewers were taking on the Chicago Cubs.

A man by the name of Joseph noticed Christie walking down the stairs with a huge plate of nachos in his hand, and that’s when he decided to yell some insults his way.

“He was already quite a bit past me, and 30 feet away. I yelled his name and told him that he sucked … I called him a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said.”

Typically a politician would just keep walking, but Christie has apparently had enough. He walked back up the stairs and confronted Joseph face to face.

He said, “You’re a big shot, huh?” while staring at him intensely. You could tell Joseph was a bit surprised. All he could reply with was, “I appreciate that.”

Joseph told reporters…

“This is America and I think we have the right to say what you believe as long as it’s not crude or profane.”

This is not the first time baseball fans have given Christie a hard time. Back in July, the governor caught a foul ball at a Mets game and was instantly booed by nearly everyone in the crowd.

But Christie still be like:

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