Michael Strahan Returns To Good Morning America After Losing A Little Bit Of His Pinky Finger, BONUS VIDEO OF HIS GNARLY DISLOCATED FINGER TRICK!

If you’re a loyal viewer of Good Morning America, you’re probably over 60-years-old, and you probably noticed that Michael Strahan was missing Tuesday morning. And to add to the mystery, his colleagues didn’t really explain why. They just blamed his absence on some vague injury.

Well, the 45-year-old former NFL player returned on Wednesday morning and revealed he lost a bit of his pinky finger. He didn’t explain exactly how he lost it, but he did assure everyone he is doing fine.

“I am ok. I am happy to be back,” he told the audience, although, he did say his coworkers were teasing him. “I didn’t realize how much of a joke I was gonna be,” he said, adding that someone working on the show “pinky swore” to something.

It’s kinda odd that no one is willing to explain exactly how he got the injury. That either means it’s a really boring story, or they’re covering up something. Maybe he was drunk and tried to cut an apple. Who knows.

The good news for Strahan is that his fingers were already messed up. He has some mangled a** fingers, thanks to injuries he suffered while playing football.

Check out this disturbing video…

And here he is talking a little more about it…

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