Fox Is Moving On From American Idol, Will Launch New Singing Competition Called ‘The Four’

Well, the breakup is complete. Fox ended its relationship with American Idol a little over a year ago, and now that Idol has officially moved on and found a new partner in ABC, Fox is ready to do the same.

Fox Television Group co-CEO Dana Walden announced the news at the Television Critics Association on Tuesday in Beverly Hills. They have officially ordered a new singing competition titled The Four. This show will be a little different than shows like The Voice and Idol. Instead of auditioning thousands of singers, the competition will begin with four finalists selected by music industry experts.

Those performers will be challenged by other new singers who are determined to steal their coveted spots. If any of the four finalists are outperformed, they will be sent home and the challenger will take his/her place.

It will also differ from other reality shows with its short season. It’s expected to only be between four and eight episodes. Fox exec Rob Wade told the media the following:

“I think it could be anywhere between four and eight [episodes] It’s very different. … You want there to be pressure on America and the judges to find a star in a short amount of time. I think that’s what works best.” 

And those judges won’t be huge superstars. Walden threw a bit of shade at Idol and The Voice by saying, “They’ve become much more about celebrity panels and much less about star making.”

Damn. It’s like when you see your ex-girlfriend with her new man on Facebook and you find some flaw in him to make yourself feel better. Just a few years ago, Fox was all about finding the biggest names to judge, so it’s kinda hypocritical to slam the idea now.

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