Insane Video Shows Crazed Fan Rushing The Stage At Britney Spears Show In Vegas: “HE’S GOT A GUN?”


It’s a mad world out there in Las Vegas. When you’re on the strip, it honestly feels like you’re in a different country. The normal rules of everyday life don’t seem to apply. Sometimes that creates wonderful moments you’ll remember forever, and sometimes things like this happen.

Britney Spears was doing her thing on stage at her ‘Piece of Me’ show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night when a dude rushed the stage. Thankfully, security guards and Britney’s dancers took him down before he had a chance to reach her, but it was still pretty scary.

You can see her almost drop to her knees when she heard he might have a gun. We still can’t confirm if he did indeed have a gun, but there had to be some reason Britney was asking about it. It took four or five guys to carry this insane fan off the stage. He was most likely fueled by alcohol.

By the way, Britney’s show in Vegas kicked off back in 2013. It’s expected to end this December, and so far, it’s earned over $100 million in ticket sales. For that amount of money, we’re sure she can handle a few scares.

Just as long as no one actually gets a piece of her.

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