’13 Reasons Why’ Did Not Receive A Single Emmy Nomination, And The Stars Of The Show Are Finally Talking About The Snub

Much like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why took the world by storm when it first premiered on Netflix. It was a global hit, and most people believed it would be nominated for at least one Emmy, but that was not the case. When the nominations were announced last month, 13 Reasons Why was not mentioned.

And now the stars of the show are ready to talk about the snub. Dylan Minnette talked to Us Weekly last week, and he claims he didn’t even really think about it.

“I honestly didn’t even think about it. I would love to see the show get any attention that it can, but I think at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make something good and have the world respond to it, but not necessarily in an award. I don’t know, I personally don’t really care. I mean, especially about myself, I don’t care what happens for me. If getting an Emmy would be more positive for the show then that’s great.”

Okay, so Dylan is saying all the right things. He’s on the fast track to the high road. But what about the other actors? What about Katherine Langford? Should we expect to hear a 14th tape dedicated to the Emmys?

“Right now we’re in the middle of season 2, so we’re very much in the mindset of working. I can’t speak for the cast or the crew, but I think personally, I feel regardless of whether or not we were nominated or we’re nominated for any award, I just feel very proud of the work that we were able to do. Awards and accolades are an incredible affirmation, but I think there have been some really wonderful nominees so I’m very excited for them and I can’t wait to watch.”

That’s boring. Where is the drama? Where is the honesty?

You know they have to be at least a little disappointed. Yeah, it’s more important for the fans to appreciate your show, but awards are always nice to have, especially when you’re giving a project your all.

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