It Looks Like Usher’s Latest Accuser Was Telling The Truth, Hotel Employee At Days Inn Remembers Seeing Usher Walk In Late At Night

Remember back on Monday when we shared video of Usher’s latest accuser? She was, uh, large in size, and it shocked a lot of people. If you missed it, you can click on this link to check it out.

A lot of people were clowning her because she didn’t even have herpes. She just felt violated because Usher didn’t tell her he had the disease before having sex with her. There were also some people who didn’t believe her story because of how big she is.

But it looks like she was telling the truth. TMZ did some digging, and they figured out that the concert Quantasia Sharpton attended was in Atlantic City back in November 15, 2014. We know Sharpton was at the concert because she snapped this photo of herself with Usher’s opening act, August Alsina.

You’ll notice she’s wearing her birthday tiara, which falls right in line with her story. As you remember, she claimed she was celebrating her 19th birthday at the concert.

This is where the story gets interesting. Someone who says they worked at the Days Inn in Atlantic City (which is less than a mile from where the concert was held) told TMZ they saw Usher walk in the hotel lobby shortly after midnight on November 16. This employee even asked Usher for a photo, and he said he’d take one with her before leaving, but he never came back down.

The employee also claims she saw Sharpton come down and greet the singer. Insiders close to Sharpton say the story checks out because she did stay at the Days Inn when she was in Atlantic City.

In case you missed it, sources connected to Usher recently came out and said Usher would have never had sex with Sharpton because she wasn’t his type.

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