NFL Player And ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Jon Dorenbos Will Have Open Heart Surgery After NFL Physical Finds Serious Condition

A simple NFL trade might have saved Jon Dorenbos‘ life. The long snapper was recently traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New Orleans Saints. And if you know anything about sports, you’ll know the player involved in the trade must pass a team physical before the trade is finalized.

During Dorenbos’ physical, Saints physician Dr. John Amoss discovered a huge red flag and “basically saved [Jon’s] life with his findings.”

The doctor discovered Dorenbos has an aortic aneurysm, which can be life-threatening if it becomes too big or bursts. It’s possible Dorenbos has had this his entire life, and the Saints physician was the first doctor to discover it.

Dorenbos will be having open heart surgery “pretty quickly” to fix the issue. Saints head coach Sean Payton told the media, “It’s a pretty serious condition.”

This could be the end of Dorenbos’ career in the NFL. He’s 37-years-old, so he’s already getting to be pretty old for a football player. The good news is that he’s a man of many talents. Some of you probably know him from the last season of America’s Got Talent in 2016. He made it to the finals as a magician on the show.

Seriously. Check out this clip below, and if you have the time, send out a few prayers for him and his family.

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