Adrien Broner Needs Help! Watch As He Flips Out in Vegas, Pushing a Woman and Knocking a man Out Cold. Then Asks for Help on Social Media. (Video and Suicidal Messages)

Adrien is in a dark place.  Last time this happened Floyd saved him; Floyd might have to step in again before it gets too late.

TMZ released the grainy video over the weekend.  Although at points the video is hard to see, what is clear is that Adrien was feeling some type of way before he started swinging punches.

As you can imagine, I have watched the video nearly 50 times and at first it appears that Broner is happy taking selfies with fans, but then you quickly see that there is a woman trying to either stop him from walking away and he violently pushes her off.

At this point, I’m actually on Broner’s side. Let the man go if he wants to go right?  You can hear the person filming say, “This N**a  AB is tripping”.

Then out of no where, Broner appears to throw a punch at a random man that is walking toward him.  It’s not clear if that man was approaching Broner personally, but what is clear in the following seconds of the video is that the punch rocked him.  He is shown out on the ground.  One would expect this affect after taking a punch from a professional boxer.

As I always do, with any story regarding a celeb I check their social media accounts to get their take on the story and AB’s was disturbing to say the least.  He has six posts all in black and white lettering.  It looks like the following.


Only one of the posts has a caption stating:

It’s crazy when you the big homie and never had a big homie ……#SMH

If this isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is; hopefully Floyd is watching and can lend another hand before it’s too late.

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