Chance the Rapper Gets Pulled Over By Cop, Live Streams The Ordeal Because “You Can Never Be Too Careful” (VIDEO)

Chance the Rapper ain’t no fool. He and the mother of his daughter, Kirsten Corley, were driving home from church on Sunday in Chicago when they were pulled over by a police officer.

And with the history of how some cops treat people of color in the front of Chance’s mind, he decided to pull out his phone to livestream the stop on his Instagram account. He told his followers, “Just want y’all to be here in case it gets out of hand. Should be good though. Should be straight.”

He went on to say that he has great faith in humanity and the men and women who put on the badge, “but, you know, you can’t be too careful. Policing as a system is disproportionately racist and oppressive.”

Thankfully, nothing major happened during the stop. The cop gave them a warning for a moving violation and that was about it, “See, I knew he was a good dude,” Chance said as the cop walked away.

It’s nice to see a happy ending for once. By the way, later in the day, Chance had lunch with Kanye West and Dave Chappelle, so you could say it was a big day.

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