Ryan Murphy Decides To Edit Upcoming ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Episode After Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

As you might have heard, the upcoming episode of ‘American Horror Story: Cult‘ was set to a feature a scene in which Sarah Paulson’s character shoots up a crowd of people at a campaign rally. The original cut of the scene was pretty gruesome, as to be expected with any scene from AHS.

But after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, some people wondered if AHS creator Ryan Murphy might cut the scene completely. Well, we finally have our answer.

Murphy spoke to reporters at The New Yorker Festival on Saturday, and he revealed that while the scene won’t be cut entirely, it will be edited in a less violent way. The shooting will now happen off-camera.

“My point of view was I believe I have the right to air it, but I also believe in victims’ rights, and I believe that now is probably not the week to have something explosive or incendiary in the culture because someone who was affected might watch that and it could trigger something or make them feel upset. So our decision was to re-edit it and I felt that that was the right move. Nobody ever talks about victims’ rights. That’s sort of a weird emotional discussion that’s never bridged.”

It’s strange how real life events seem to mirror television. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2016, the USA Network delayed the premiere of Shooter after a Black Lives Matter protest turned deadly when a sniper killed multiple police officers. In 2015, the finale of Mr. Robot was pushed back because it showed a shooting similar to the one that killed a Virginia reporter on-air.

Heck, even the season three finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was pushed back two months because it featured a high school shooting similar to the horrific Columbine school shooting.

It’s a mad world.

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