Eminem Just Made Donald Trump Look Like A Fool, Slams The President For Nearly Five Minutes In Freestyle Rap (VIDEO)

Leave it to Eminem to trash the president with an insane/genius freestyle rap. The rap (titled ‘The Storm’) was filmed in Detroit and aired during the BET Awards Tuesday night.

It was posted online after premiering on the awards show, and it already has over 5 million views on YouTube and close to 10 million on Facebook. The words Eminem spits during this rap have a greater impact because there is no beat behind them. The only noise you hear comes from the rap legend. When he ain’t rapping, it’s complete silence.

In one verse, he raps:

“We better give Obama props ’cause what we got in office now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust while the drama pops, and he waits for s— to quiet down, he’ll just gas his plane up and fly around till the bombing stops.”

Obviously referring to Trump’s war of words on social media with the leader of North Korea. And Eminem’s line has a lot of truth to it. Trump doesn’t give a f**k if he starts a war, ’cause he’s not going to fight in it. Who is the most protected person in the country during acts of war? The president.

Eminem also added in sprinkles of humor, “Racism’s the only thing he’s Fantastic 4 cause that’s how he gets his rock off, he’s orange.”

He also talked about Trump’s obsession with the NFL and Colin Kaepernick

“F**k that, this is for Colin, ball up a fist and keep that sh*t balled like Donald the bitch. It’s like we take a step forwards, then backwards / but this is his form of distraction / plus he gets an enormous reaction / when he attacks the NFL, so we focus on that in- / stead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada.”

It’s safe to say he had some fans on Twitter…

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